• Cosmina-Andreea NECULCEA
  • Florian RĂPAN



information operations (InfoOps); doctrines; comparative analysis; differences; doctrinal interoperability.


The aim of this article is to identify differences in doctrinal projection at the level of the North Atlantic Alliance. The article has been designed as a comparative study of the doctrinal projections specific to information operations (InfoOps), mainly with regard to the doctrines and operations manuals of the United States of America, as the originator of most of these documents, NATO doctrines and domestic doctrines. On an initial examination of the three doctrinal projections, it can be observed that there are differences in the InfoOps approach, both in terms of surface elements, recognized by identifiable markers, and differences in perspective, which allow and encourage interpretation. There is therefore a need to clarify the nature of InfoOps and its correct understanding from a conceptual and practical point of view, and to achieve coherence between the doctrines for information operations of NATO member states and the allied doctrine.


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