About the Journal

Strategic Impact is a peer-reviewed, open access Journal, publishing scholarly articles in the field of defence and security strategic studies. The journal is edited by the Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies and published by “Carol I” National Defence University Publishing House in Bucharest, Romania. Its scope covers political-military topicality; UN, NATO and EU policies, strategies and actions; defence and security concepts; international relations; geopolitics, geostrategy, geoeconomy; (un)conventional risks and threats; conflict & crises management; peace and war; military strategy; information society; cybersecurity; intelligence studies. The journal is published in two separate editions, in Romanian since 2001 and in English since 2005, it has ISSN and is acknowledged both nationally, by authority of the National Council for the Recognition of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) and internationally, being indexed in several databases, such as: CEEOL, Ebsco, ProQuest, Road, WorldCat, NATO Multimedia Library.

Paper submission:
Articles shall be sent to impactstrategic@unap.ro as follows: 15th of December (No. 1); 15th of March (No. 2); 15th of June (No. 3); and 15th of September (No. 4).

The Guide for Authors can be accesed at URL: Guide for authors