• Crăișor-Constantin IONIȚĂ



There is a fierce struggle worldwide to seize and dominate the international high-tech market. This struggle fits perfectly into the political disputes over the new post-pandemic world order, where competition between the great powers is becoming more and more acute. Recently, research, development and innovation (RDI) in the military field has become particularly important by accepting the increase in funds allocated to 20% of defence budgets. This fact is also reflected in the civilian field, through the importance that all developed countries, including the European Union and Romania, attach to digitization at national level. And dual-use RDI products are the most sought-after in the global high-tech market. As a result, this paper is intended to continue to present the recent progress made in the RDI, in terms of developing the capabilities for the future Mosaic Warfare, in the light of the competition for global and regional power.


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