• Luminita Craciun Universitatea Națională de Apărare „Carol I”


Emotional intelligence has come to the attention of researchers in the humanities as technology has conquered more and more areas of human activity. Even if many of the cognitive abilities have been successfully taken over by robots, as happens in companies producing goods and services, in artistic, creative or social relations activities, the affective capacity is important, which cannot yet be supplemented by digitalization.

The field of public relations is intended to establish inter-institutional links, between companies and partners (stakeholders) or between organizations and the media. Emotional intelligence is capitalized in the sense of increasing the ability to persuade. Therefore, in the entire activity carried out by public relations specialists and in which they use modern technology to transmit information (photo or video images), the abilities of emotional intelligence are concretized.


Keywords: emotional intelligence; amygdala; public relations specialist; communication; influence.


Author Biography

Luminita Craciun, Universitatea Națională de Apărare „Carol I”

Born on 10th of August in 1964, town Iasi, Luminița Crăciun graduate of the Constanța University, Faculty of Letters, History, Law and Theology, series of graduates 1998.


Has the title of doctor in Philology, attained in 2010 by Bucharest University 

The academic training has been completed by graduating military sciences and intelligence, communication and public relations, educational management (master's studies, courses, internships etc.)

By profession teacher, she has carried out her activity as PhD Professor Assistant to „Carol I” National Defence University Bucharest. 

 She has a vast scientific activity (researches, university courses), being the author of books with the title War vs Peace – Ways of Defining in Polemology and in Dictionaries of General Use and The Evolution of the Discourse of Public Actors with Attributions in the Field of National Security of Romania and several articles and scientific papers, published at the „Carol I” National Defense University publishing house, in the country Bucharest University, University of Alba Iulia, University of Galați, University of Pitești, Babeș Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Land Forces Academy of Sibiu and abroad: Aalborg University by Copenhagen, Denmark and Bologna, Italy.


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