• Lucian Valeriu SCIPANOV Universitatea Naţională de Apărare „Carol I”
  • Denis DOLCEANU Diving Center, Romanian Navy Staff


There is an international trend for research and development programs aiming to provide fleets with modern combat systems. Remotely piloted underwater vehicles represent a capability that occupies an important place in the concerns of the naval forces, so they have experienced an evolutionary stage with a great technological advance as compared to other classic combat systems.

Although a large-scale military action is considered unlikely, there are general concerns about minimizing risks on the battlefield, in order to avoid the loss of human lives, so a handy option was to capitalize on the technological advance we are witnessing, leaving dangerous and routine tasks to robots. Anticipating a future widespread use of unmanned systems, this article is a plea for the use of remotely piloted vehicles for missions in the underwater environment, an environment hostile to human life but permissive to specialized vectors.

The novelty of this article is that it presents some tactical advantages that a naval force can benefit from in the future by using robots and autonomous systems that influence underwater and surface operations.


Keywords: remotely piloted vehicles; underwater drones; technological revolution.

Author Biography

Lucian Valeriu SCIPANOV , Universitatea Naţională de Apărare „Carol I”
Născut în 1973 în Tulcea, absolvent al Academiei Navale “Mircea cel Bătrân”, Constanţa, în 1997 şi al Facultăţii de comandă şi stat major din Universitatea Naţională de Apărare “Carol I”, Bucureşti, în 2012. În prezent ocup postul de instructor superior în Departamentul forţe navale din Facultatea de comandă şi stat major din cadrul Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare “Carol I”. Principalele activităţi educaţionale desfăşurate în cadrul departamentului sunt legate de executarea atribuţiilor didactice specifice domeniului educaţional. Aceste atribuţii sunt materializate prin activităţi de predare şi participare la cursuri, planificare şi desfăşurare de exerciţii şi studii de stat major, elaborare cursuri, publicaţii, articole, alte activităţi specifice domeniului epistemologic al ştiinţei militare, caracteristice specialităţii Artă Militară Forţe Navale.


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