• Gabriel Constantin CIAPA Academia Tehnică Militară



According to the World Health Organization, cigarette and alcohol consumption are one of the leading causes of illness, disability and death worldwide, the life expectancy of regular consumers of these products being drastically diminished in many situations. Diseases caused by the consumption of these ”drugs” and exposure to cigarette smoke are some of the most serious and can affect both the internal organs and the whole body. This material manages to capture some of the most important negative effects that alcohol and cigarettes have on the human body and their implications from the perspective of physical effort. The fundamental role of this material is given not only by the presentation of the effects on the body and physical effort, but also by its raising awareness regarding the negative impact that smoking and alcohol create in the personal-social entourage of the consumer

Author Biography

Gabriel Constantin CIAPA, Academia Tehnică Militară

Born on 20.05.1977, in Alba Iulia town, Gabriel-Constantin Ciapa graduated the National University of Physical Education and Sport, "General Virgil I. Bădulescu" Military Physical Education and Sport Faculty, 2000 promotion.

Has the title of doctor in military science, attained in 2017 by the „Carol I” National Defense University.

The academic training has been completed by graduating from several specific courses, master's studies, internships and completing the doctoral program.

By profession military framework, he has carried out his activity as a teacher of physical education and sports to „Ferdinand I” Military Technical Academy.

He has an interesting scientific activity, practicing both theoretical and practical didactic activities, being the author of a judo course, "Judo - Course Notes", author of the book "Physical Training of the Military in the Romanian Armed Forces in Military Conflicts", coauthor of the book with the title "Sport Orientation" and several articles and scientific papers, appearing at the XXI Strategies Conferences and the „Carol I” National Defense University Bulletin.




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