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Legal evasion is "the taxpayer's action to bypass laws by choosing a convenient and unpredictable way of combining their provisions that ignore certain aspects." Tax fraud is a form of deliberate evasion, in violation of legal provisions that explicitly criminalize action or inaction with a fiscal consequence as a crime, and the purpose of the act is to hide the tax obligation or to diminish it.

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*** Regulation (EU) 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 October 2013 laying down the Customs Code of the European Union,

***Directive 2011/16 / EU on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation.

*** The Romanian Constitution.

*** Law no. 661/1923 "for the unification of direct contributions and for the establishment of the general income tax".

*** Law no. 88/1933 "for the unification of direct contributions and for the establishment of the general income tax".

*** Law 87/1994 "to combat tax evasion".

*** Law no. 241/2005 "on the prevention and combating of tax evasion and the decision (Constitutional Court) no. 363/2015 regarding the admissibility of the unconstitutionality exception of the provisions of art. 6 of the Law no. 241/2005 on the prevention and combating of tax evasion "

*** Government Ordinance no. 10/2015 "for the organization of the Tax Lottery".

*** Law no. 227/2015 - Fiscal Code.

*** Law no. 207/2015 - Fiscal Procedure Code.

*** Government Emergency Ordinance no. 74/2013 "on some measures for the improvement and reorganization of the activity of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts".

*** Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council of Europe - "Protecting the European Union's Financial Interests - Fighting Fraud" (2016 Annual Report).

*** The report of 16 November 2017 of the European Parliament's Inquiry Commission "on the examination of the alleged breach of Union law and maladministration in its application in relation to money laundering, avoidance of tax burdens and tax evasion".

*** The European Parliament's Inquiry Commission's investigation into alleged contraventions and maladministration in the application of Union law on currency, money laundering, anti-money laundering, Tax Evasion (PANA Commission).

*** Activity Report for 2016 Directorate General Anti-Fraud.

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