• Grigore Eduard JELER Academia Tehnică Militară
  • Gelu ALEXANDRESCU " Carol I" National Defence University



In the changing conditions of the operational environment and facing the new security environment which is the most complex and the most ambiguous ever, the nature and the size of threats at the address of security changed a lot. Because of that, the modern army started looking for alternative or better options to exceed this challenge. In the current conflicts, the emergence of autonomous systems represented an opportunity but also a challenge for the armed forces, offering on the battlefield a number of advantages such as increasing the force, speed, response of reaction, precise coordination but also disadvantages such as lack of motivation and flexibility of human intelligence. Combining the best elements of the humanmachine team can increase the capacity of future armed forces. The challenge is determining the proper balance between man and machine. Currently autonomous systems are already capable of eliminating the human presence in solving many tasks performed by the military and have the ability to improve over time. The purpose of this article is to analyze both existing and potential uses of autonomous systems in military logistics, focusing on the advantages and risks for military organizations and operations. 

Author Biography

Grigore Eduard JELER, Academia Tehnică Militară

Născut la data 30.09.1975, în Hunedoara, Eduard Grigore Jeler este absolvent al Facultății de Sisteme Electronice și Informatice Militare, din cadrul Academiei Tehnice Militare, promoţia 2000. Deţine titlul de doctor în inginerie electrică, acordat, în anul 2000, de către Academia Tehnică Militară. Pregătirea academică şi-a completat-o prin absolvirea mai multor cursuri/studii universitare de masterat, stagii de pregătire. De profesie inginer militar, își desfășoară activitatea, în calitate de lector universitar la Academia Tehnică Militară. Are o vastă activitate ştiinţifică (cercetări efectuate, cursuri predate), fiind autor de cărţi și de numeroase articole şi comunicări ştiinţifice, apărute în publicaţii din ţară și din străinătate.