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Abstract: Cyber attacks are now becoming more and more complex, more frequent and with increasing destructive effects. Regardless of the type or value of an organization, it affects information of public and private infrastructures. Moreover, private information may be struck by those who hold, even temporarily, various public or dignified functions in a state. In other words, it can hit the information profile of a target by affecting data about identity, about finance, can changing information from personal conversations and other private life activities.

In this context, the terrorism aims to execute actions, driven only once or in series, motivating as resistance to political, economic or social changes and producing global information effects. It is well known the development of terrorism is favored by the development of information technology. Through these, terrorist organizations seek to enhance the perception of terror, by capturing the attention of the global media and by transmitting apocalyptic messages. Last but not least, the social factor and the arms proliferation determine the adapt of objective aspect of terrorism, often the modeling of terrorist ideology based on issues of population discontent with the ease of acquisition of weapons, munitions and destructive materials through various forms of trade.

In this work we propose to determine the content of the concept of cyber terrorism, starting from the analysis of the main factors of public insecurity and social disorder that facilitate the development of modern forms of terrorism. In this order we propose to underline the base aspects to understand the ways of its application.

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