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Octavian Victor Mihail DIMA, Ioan CRACIUN


Societal security, as developed by the Copenhagen School of Security, is an extremely important area of the broader contemporary security concept which, in addition to military issues, also takes into account a number of other threats coming from the fields such as political, economic, societal or environmental ones. In the study of contemporary societal security, a number of concepts specific to the theory of complex systems, such as complexity, self-organization, the threshold of chaos, etc., have been borrowed, substantially enriching the hermeneutics of security discourse on the basis of non-mechanistic interpretations of social systems. This article aims to show that in the study of societal security the use of tools specific to the study of modern complex systems has produced quite interesting results, which could give a new meaning to the research in this field. At the same time, the paper presents some conclusions regarding the methodology of analysis specific to the science of complexity applicable to the field of societal security.

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