Mountain Combat Operations in the Context of Contemporary Battlefield Requirements


  • Claudiu Valer NISTORESCU



mountainous environment, tactical operations, doctrinal adaptation, tactical asymmetries.


The integration of new technologies into military operations has a significant impact on the entire process, resulting in specific features and shaping the character of warfare. The modern battlefield is characterized by the accuracy and long range of new weapon systems, the extensive use of multi-spectral sensors, the continuous improvement of the sensor-to-shooter relationship, and the development of unmanned capabilities. In this context, there is a question as to whether military operations executed in mountainous environments are still relevant in contemporary battlefield equations. These operations are typically spatially limited, static, and attritional, and are subject to transformation from a doctrinal and operational perspective in a paradigm shift in the maneuversupport- fire-protection relationship. This study aims to identify and describe key factors associated with the adaptation of mountain warfare forces and the operations they conduct through an interpretive analysis of land operations.


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