The right of the Republic of Moldova to defense and some aspects of defensive capabilities


  • Ion COROPCEAN Agenția pentru Știință și Memorie Militară, București, România



defense, Armed Forces, military capability, defensive sufficiency, military service, reservist.


Although it has declared itself a neutral state, the Republic of Moldova is compelled to consider potential sources of military threats. Defense is a fundamental and distinct field of national security, aiming to achieve national interests and the processes of political, economic, and social development of the state. According to international law, the Republic of Moldova has the right to defend and ensure its military security by all means at its disposal. It is legal to maintain Armed Forces, built on the principle of defensive sufficiency, for the defense of sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, as well as for the annihilation of armed conflicts and other acts of violence within the country that endanger the constitutional order.


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