The Russian Federation’s Aggression against Ukraine – an attack against the international law-based security system


  • Dragoș-Adrian BANTAȘ, Ph.D „Nicolae Titulescu” University
  • Sebastian BĂLĂNICĂ, Ph.D Candidate Faculty of Political Science – University of Bucharest



Russia, realism, constructivism, natural law, use of force, international order, positive law.


In the realistic paradigm within the discipline of international relations in which states act based on a lucid and rational analysis of their own interests, the actions of the Russian Federation at the international level can be given justifications located in a gray area characterized by imprecision par excellence, between the necessity of ensuring its own security and the desire to dominate the space adjacent to its imperial center. In this context, the boundary between the prevalence of the conceptions specific to the natural law that determine the specified actions and the manifest justification of real interests based on these conceptions blurs in turn. What persists is Russia’s refusal to accept a rules based international order, seen as a conceptual framework of America in particular and Western origin in general. In this context, Russia takes, at least on a superficial level, the desideratum of such an international order, but interprets it through its own filter, based in particular on natural law.

Author Biography

Dragoș-Adrian BANTAȘ, Ph.D, „Nicolae Titulescu” University

Born on 21.08.1990,Galați,  Dragoș – Adrian BANTAȘ graduate of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Political Science Faculty, series of graduates 2012, and Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, series of graduates 2013.Has the title of doctor in Intelligence and National Security, attained in .2018 by the „Carol I” National Defense University and in European Union Law, attained in 2023 by the „Nicolae Titulescu” University of Bucharest.The academic training has been completed by graduating European Union Law (Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest) and Conflict Management and Crisis Prevention ( Security and Defence Faculty, „Carol I” National Defense University) master's studies.By profession jurist, he has carried out activity as parliamentary advisor at the Chamber of Deputies.He  has  scientific activity (researches, university courses), being the author of a book with the title „Între frică și siguranță: Societățile umane în căutarea securității” and several articles and scientific papers, published at various Romanian publishing houses.



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