The relationship between China and security-generating organizations


  • Ionela Cătălina MANOLACHE, Ph.D Candidate *Comandamentul Multinațional de Divizie Sud-Est București, România



China, NATO, OSCE, UN, cooperation, challenges, security.


Currently, the international environment is characterized by complexity. Global security is threatened by numerous factors, and specific organizations like NATO, OSCE, or the UN strive to eliminate or minimize these challenges. In this regard, an important element is the economic evolution of states. Economic supremacy is accompanied by advantages in other areas of development such as the political, social, or military. China is the state that has surprised the whole world with its ability to evolve economically, becoming an important actor in the field in a relatively short time. This status brings both benefits and numerous obligations, including the need to cooperate with security organizations to develop a climate of peace at the international level. That is precisely why the Chinese state must maintain good relationships with these organizations and make efforts to generate its own collective security, ensuring a climate of peace and setting an example for other structures.

Author Biography

Ionela Cătălina MANOLACHE, Ph.D Candidate, *Comandamentul Multinațional de Divizie Sud-Est București, România

Born on 26.05.1994,  Roșiori de Vede,  Ionela Cătălina MANOLACHE graduate of the Land Forces Academy „Nicolae Bălcescu, Sibiu, Faculty Military Sciences, series of graduates 2016.

The academic training has been completed by graduating master's studies, courses, internships


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