The evolution of the relationship between NATO and Russia and future perspectives


  • Ionela Cătălina MANOLACHE, Ph.D Candidate Comandamentul Multinațional de Divizie Sud-Est București, România



NATO, Russia, conflict, aggression, security, collaboration, Cold War.


The moment of February 24, 2022, was the one that closed even the last gate of dialogue between Russia and NATO. Although major security organizations had made huge efforts to prevent these actions of Russia, the state did not heed, continuing with its ambitious plans. After the end of the Cold War, the relations between Russia and NATO seemed to be stabilizing, and there was even collaboration in some areas. Even so, there was always a trace of mistrust, each side fearing the other’s intentions. Russia, on the one hand, sees NATO as a threat to its own security as a result of the bloc’s expansion, and NATO considers the Russian state the main danger to its member states, given the conflict Russia has triggered and is carrying on, despite all the naysayers and the accusations against it.

Author Biography

Ionela Cătălina MANOLACHE, Ph.D Candidate, Comandamentul Multinațional de Divizie Sud-Est București, România

Born on 26.05.1994, town Roșiori de Vede, first name Ionela Cătălina, last name MANOLACHE graduate of the Land Forces Academy „Nicolae Bălcescu, Sibiu, Faculty Military Sciences, series of graduates 2016.

The academic training has been completed by graduating master's studies, courses, internships


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