Security culture in the context of populist ideologies and the post-truth society


  • Vladimir MILOȘEVICI, Ph.D Candidate Facultatea de Sociologie şi Asistență Socială, Universitatea din Bucureşti, România



security culture, fake news, manipulation, post-truth society, society without facts, populist ideologies, the Overton window.


The accelerated development of media technologies in the last decade has not received an adequate response from society as a whole regarding the implementation of a set of ethical norms and legal regulations. This suggests that the environment in which information is created and disseminated has become distorted, allowing for the proliferation of fake news and the multiplication of populist messages.This article highlights how populist ideologies, amplified by the cultural paradigm of posttruth and fact-free societies, impact security culture by altering the Overton Window. This manipulation of public opinion changes the priorities and directions of security policy. Simultaneously, the article proposes a series of measures to counter fake news and the manipulation of public opinion through populist messages

Author Biography

Vladimir MILOȘEVICI, Ph.D Candidate, Facultatea de Sociologie şi Asistență Socială, Universitatea din Bucureşti, România

Born on 02.09.1985 in Giurgiu, Vladimir Miloşevici is a graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics, class 2008. He is a PhD student in his third year at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of the University of Bucharest.

He completed his academic training by completing the university master's studies - "European Public Administration" organized by the Management Faculty of the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, 2010 class.He also graduated the courses of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration of the University "Spiru Haret" Bucharest, majoring in law, 2012 graduation.

An economist by profession, he works as an officer in the Romanian Intelligence Service.

He participated at two international conferences: Entrepreneurship and Research Conference, Panel 6: Advertising & Digital Society, organized by the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of Babeș-Bolyai University, March 30, 2022, the topic presented: "Disinformation phenomenon in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Counteracting various forms of fake-news" and Crisis Communication and Conflict Resolution, organized by the Faculty of European Studies within Babeș-Bolyai University and the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations within the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, April 8, 2022, the topic presented : "Conspiracy theories in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Counteracting various forms of fake-news".




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MILOȘEVICI, Ph.D Candidate, V. . (2023). Security culture in the context of populist ideologies and the post-truth society. BULLETIN OF "CAROL I" NATIONAL DEFENCE UNIVERSITY, 12(3), 108–117.