The physiognomy of modern multinational joint operations and the manifestation of mobility in contemporary warfare


  • Rodica-Cristina BĂLAN-LISEANU Ministerul Învățământului



joint operations;, multinational operations;, current security environment;, hybrid warfare; international organizations;, modernization.


Recent conflicts at the international level highlight the joint and multinational character of multinational operations in today’s security environment where conventional and unconventional, asymmetric actions are combined. Over time, in order to optimise and make more efficient the human, information and material resources employed, and to ensure a flexible and pragmatic strategic vision, there has been a continuous need to seek proactive, collective involvement, both from a decision-making and an operational perspective. Thus, there emerged a pressing need for modernisation in the architecture of multinational joint operations. It applies the vision of a qualitative analysis of the global order in the context of great powers, emerging powers and international organisations whose effectiveness is questioned. At the same time, this article analyses the dynamics of contemporary multinational interventions and explores their options for manifestation as autonomous or assembled.


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