Cyber and space domains – Impact on the development of the multi-domain operations


  • Alexandru CUCINSCHI



security environment;, multi-domain operation;, cyber domain;, space domain


The recognition of two new operational environments/domains, the cyber environment and the space environment, has led to the imagining of several “asymmetric” possibilities of engaging an adversary, with the aim of creating multiple dilemmas for the adversary, which it must take into account. This approach to military operations is currently associated with the new concept of multi-domain operations. However, it should be noted that not only the recognition of the two new environments, in addition to the three classic environments, constitutes multi-domain operations, but also the future operating environment as a whole is a triggering factor. Thus, in this article, my aim is to identify the extent to which the two new operational environments contribute to the development of the new multi-domain operations concept, with the aim of highlighting possible ways forward in terms of implementing the multi-domain operation concept and
developing specific actions in and from the cyber and space environments. Following the analysis carried out, it was noticed that the cyber and space domains are gradually losing relevance within the phases of the multi-domain operation, while the actions are being fragmented and decentralized. This fact must be taken
into account in the development of multi-domain formations.


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