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collective security, comprehensive security, rules base order, ; indivisible security


The principle of indivisible security in Europe has been resurfaced lately through the intention of the Russian Federation, via the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, to assume a kind of legitimacy for the consecutive invasion of Ukraine, based on the disrespect for its unilateral perceived security threats and the disrespect by the collective West of this principle, in Russian interpretations. It is, for sure, a distraction and not a real debate, but it worth looking into it since it is about a vision on the making, a concept immature and unsubstantiated, never operationalized, but completely linked with the respect of the general principles sitting at the bases of the UN Chart and CSCE/OSCE fundamental document, of the rules based order, as well as the confidence and respect of the peaceful resolution of conflict and abstaining from the use of force or threatening to use it in international relations.


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