• Daniela-Elena HRAB " Carol I" National Defence University



COVID-19; expenditures; goals; effect; durable development; military organization.



This article makes a brief analysis of the sustainable development goals that are applicable in the military organization and identifies, through the literature-review method, the main ways in which the military organization was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the evolution of military spending. The ultimate goal is to establish how the pandemic has influenced the implementation of sustainable development goals in the military organization, in order to provide strategic management with recommendations to increase the resilience and sustainability of the military organization. The main conclusion of this research is that the pandemic did not have a significant impact in the short term, but in the medium and long term the situation may change, which calls for adaptation, cooperation, coordination and caution in the configuration of defence spending. As a secondary conclusion, it can be considered that the pandemic can have an accelerating effect on sustainable development policies, the military organization being called to benefit from the identified lessons and new opportunities, in order to increase the response capacity.

Author Biography

Daniela-Elena HRAB, " Carol I" National Defence University

Born on 29 April 1982, in Caracal, Daniela-Elena HRAB is a graduate of the Land Forces Academy, series of graduates 2005 and of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Accounting and Management Information Systems Faculty, series of graduates 2009.



The academic training has been completed by graduating master's studies, courses, and internships in Romania and abroad, especially in logistics.


By profession military officer, she has carried out her activity occupying execution and command positions in the Joint Logistic Command and its subordinated units. 

Her professional background has been completed through participation in a mission in Afghanistan and in multinational joint exercises.

She currently holds the position of senior instructor in the Department of Logistics, Finance, and Accounting, Command and Staff Faculty, at the “Carol I” National Defence University.


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