• Silvia SPĂTARU The" Carol I" National Defense University


Abstract: Human behavior largely depends on individual peculiarities of personality, but also on environmental aspects, the novelty or the spontaneity of the situation. In extreme situations, everyone reacts differently. One of the factors that generate specific behavioral reactions in such situations is fear – an emotion characteristic of danger or the perception of danger. The discrepancy between our own resources and the surrounding world’s imbalance requires forced autonomy on the part of the individual and decision-making for his own safety and rescue.
Fear expressed in society is conditioned by historical development of nations. Behavioral reactions of nations in situations which pose a threat to their own integrity indicate values and power of influence of states and peoples. The presence or absence of fear shows the historical evolution of the Romanian people.
Keywords: fear emotion; danger perception; personal safety; behavior, social fear; the fear for Romanians.


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