• Mariana FRASZIN (GURĂU) " Carol I" National Defence University


The overwhelming evolution of technology in recent decades, whether in the electronic or technical field, as well as the global security challenges have intensified the development of defence systems and implicitly the necessary resources. In this sense, a very important argument, of the significant progress, of the human resources management within the Romanian Military is the successful support of the military actions together with the members of the coalition. This article will highlight the role, objectives and particularities of human resources management in the Romanian Military, but also the need for continuous modernization of this field, in the context of staged integration into NATO and changes in the security environment.

Author Biography

Mariana FRASZIN (GURĂU), " Carol I" National Defence University

Born on November 14, 1975, town Baia-Mare, Mariana FRASZIN (GURĂU) graduate of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty Management, series of graduate 2005.

She is currently a PhD student of National Defense University “Carol I”, in the field of Military Sciences.  

The academic training has been completed by graduating (master's studies, courses, internships etc.) as follows.

By profession licensed economist, he / she has carried out his / her activity as heritage administrator to National Defense University ”Carol I”.



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