• Romeo Dacian BUHAI The 4th Infantry Division Headquarters


The changes that took place at the end of the 20th century in the international relations system led to changes at the global level, but especially at the regional level, in terms of the prospect of understanding how security was achieved. In this respect, the continued struggle of actors to reconfigure power centers, the increased development of existing threats and the emergence of new ones, have led to the reshaping of the regional and global security environment. Thus, in this article we aim to capture some of the realities that govern the European security environment at the beginning of the 21st century.

Author Biography

Romeo Dacian BUHAI, The 4th Infantry Division Headquarters


Born on 07 May 1980, town Cluj-Napoca, Romeo-Dacian BUHAI graduate of the Land Forces Academy ”Nicolae Balcescu”, series of graduates 2003 and Spiru-Haret University, Finance and Banks Faculty, series of graduates 2009.


Has the title of PHD Student in Information’s and National Security, at the Doctoral School of National Defense University “Carol I”, since 2019.


The academic training has been completed by graduating master's studies as follows: Joint Forces Leading-Land Forces, National Defense University “Carol I”, Command and Staff Faculty, series of graduates 2017.

By profession military, he has carried out his activity as chief of bureau to 4th Infantry Division Headquarters.

He has a vast scientific activity, participating to the publishing of Infantry Division’s Combat Book and several articles and scientific papers:

  • "General considerations on the mode of action of ground artillery structures in the mobile defense of the division-level task Group", Tactics and Operational Art Land Forces, scientific communication session 2016, National Defence University "Carol I" Publishing House, Bucharest, 2016;
  • "Ballistic missiles, essential fire system in printing effects on the enemy", Tactics and Operational Art Land Forces, scientific communication session 2017, National Defence University "Carol I" Publishing House, Bucharest, 2017;
  • „European Army- a dream or a reality-necessity ”- The 16th Internaţional Conference „Strategies XXI- Strategic Changes in Security and Internațional Relations”, Bucharest, Romania, May 09-10, 2020. National Defence University "Carol I" Publishing House, Bucharest, 2020;
  • „Realities and perspectives of UE-NATO cooperation in security and defence”- Romanian Military Thinking Conference „Military Strategy Coordinates Under the Circumstances of a Sinergistic Approach to Resilience in the Security Field”, Bucharest, Romania, November 12-14, 2020.


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