• Mariana FRASZIN (GURĂU) " Carol I" National Defence University
  • Gelu ALEXANDRESCU " Carol I" National Defence University



Occupational safety and health is one of the most important areas of interest in contemporary society, a concept that has undergone an impressive evolution at national level, especially as accidents at work and occupational diseases are increasingly present in modern society, generating real human and economic problems. Creating more jobs, improving the conditions in which employees work, but, especially, maintaining their health are the main objectives of social policy today. A safe and healthy work environment is an essential element of the quality of work. In this article we aimed to highlight some common aspects of occupational safety and health and the national legal framework in the civilian and military environment, but also the specifics due to the military organization. As the level of education of the population increases, so do the requirements related to ensuring the quality of work, life, safety and health at work. In this respect, one can see the impressive progress that occupational protection has made, starting from the interest of preventing and minimizing work-related accidents and reaching the development of national strategies in the field of occupational safety and health.

Author Biography

Mariana FRASZIN (GURĂU), " Carol I" National Defence University

Born on November 14, 1975, town Baia-Mare, Mariana FRASZIN (GURĂU) graduate of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty Management, series of graduate 2005.

She is currently a PhD student of National Defense University “Carol I”, in the field of Military Sciences.  

The academic training has been completed by graduating (master's studies, courses, internships etc.) as follows.

By profession licensed economist, he / she has carried out his / her activity as heritage administrator to National Defense University ”Carol I”.



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