• Claudiu Valer NISTORESCU " Carol I" National Defence University



Special capabilities as airmobile, air assault and airborne forces could make the difference on today’s complex battlefield. Their ability to swiftly deploy and strike enemy vulnerabilities transforms them in a versatile weapon. Mountain operations request special attention, both in planning and execution phases in order to prevail. By integrating airmobile capabilities to mountain unites, a strong opportunity to seize initiative is gained.


Author Biography

Claudiu Valer NISTORESCU, " Carol I" National Defence University

Born on 23 April, 1982, town DEVA, Claudiu Valer NISTORESCU graduate of the ”Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy in Sibiu, in 2005. 

The academic training has been completed by graduating Combined Arms Master-Land Forces at Faculty of Command and Staff, in „Carol I” National Defense University.

By profession army officer he has carried out his activity as military instructor to Faculty of Command and Staff, in „Carol I” National Defense University.




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