• Valentin-Marian TOMA Romanian Naval Forces


The naval power projection has the role of protecting the maritime interests of a country, of transmitting strong messages to both allies and enemies, of shaping the security environment so as to avoid the escalation of conflicts in a particular maritime space. In this article, we have analyzed how the projection of the elements of naval power, especially warships, is affected within the established missions and international commitments assumed because of the current background of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have established as a research hypothesis that the naval forces remain the main tool to ensure the continuity of the projection of naval power in different maritime areas against the background of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. To validate the research hypothesis, we have established two research directions that focus on analyzing the importance of applying the concept of naval power projection and how the COVID-19 pandemic influences the actions of the naval forces. The lessons learned from the challenges faced by the naval forces during this pandemic will in the future have a major impact on the organization, training, allocation of forces and development capabilities so that personnel exposure is kept to a minimum.


Author Biography

Valentin-Marian TOMA, Romanian Naval Forces

Born on 14th July 1973, town Târgu-Jiu, Valentin-Marian TOMA, graduate of the Naval Academy, Faculty Navy, series of graduates 1996. 

The academic training has been completed by graduating master's studies, courses as follows: 

1991-1996  -“ Mircea cel Bătrîn” Naval Academy,  Constanţa, România;

         2000  -  Commanding Officers Advanced  Course  / “ Mircea cel Bătrîn” Naval Academy;

         2006  - Brigade Staff Officers Course / National Defense University "Carol I";

         2009  - Naval Staff College/Naval War College – Newport – SUA;

2012- 2014 - Master Studies Navy Command / National Defense University "Carol I";

2017 - The postgraduate course “Naval Forces Leadership” / National Defense University

                     ”Carol I".



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