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Author Guidelines

The editing rules for the articles to be published in the “Carol I” National Defense University are the following:

Page setup: top – 20mm, bottom – 20mm, left – 20mm, right – 20mm;

Paper format: A4 210X297;

Font: Times New Roman;

Style: normal

Paper title: upper case, font size 14pt, bold, centered;

Author(s) case: first name, last name - font size 18pt, bold, centered; two free lines below the title of the paper.

Author’s affiliation: city, country, font 12pt, bold, centered.

Abstract: font 10, italic, up to 150 words; one free space below author’s workplace name; it must express a clear and rigorous synthesis of the article with short and concise phrases.

Key Words: font 10, italic, one free space below the abstract; shall be edited both in Romanian and English languages; maximum 8 key words, separated by “semicolon”.

Paper body: font size 12pt, justify; two free spaces below the key words; paragraph indentation: 7mm, justified; the article must include, as a rule, reference notes (inserted with automatic numbering in the text); the article must include, as a rule, subsections such as “Conclusion” and “Bibliography”;

Drawings and diagrams: explanation of the drawing (graphs etc.), located at a free space under the figure, centered,10 pt. font (the figure will be numbered with Arabic numerals, followed by the title or explanation of the figure; mandatory specification of the source;

Mathematical formulas: 7 mm left alignment; font 12;

the mathematical formulas longer than 80 mm shall be fractioned; 

Tables: the title will be written above the table 

Names of organizations: printed in Upper case;

Essential notes: written on the bottom of the page and marked with Arabic figures, the notes will necessarily mention: the name and surname of the author, the title of the work (italics), the publishing house, the city, the year of publishing, the page / pages number.

Conclusion: it will summarize the results of research and their importance in relation current state of research of the topic; further details will be avoided; the complexity of the research endeavor will be highlighted, without ignoring the difficulties.

It will present a personal opinion on the outcome of the research, in relation to the set objectives, presented in the introduction.

Bibliographical references:

 - name and surname of author (in the case of a collective work, the coordinator will be mentioned, and the works that have as the "authoring guarantor" an institution, under which the work appears, it will be placed as "author", in brackets) - the title of the paper (italics) - the edition number - the volume - the publishing house - the place of publication - the year of the publication of the paper;

-  for magazines - name and surname of author - title of the article - title of the magazine in which the study appears (in italics) - the volume - its number - the day - month - the year of publication;

- webpages from which certain data and information have been extracted will also mention the date of access. 

The authors will be held fully responsible for the scientific content and accuracy of the paper.