Haliru Dogondaji BELLO, Ioan CRĂCIUN


Abstract: For more than Six decades, Saudi Arabia has suffered criticism from its citizens for indulging with the United
States of America; with whom it sustains a sound military alliance since 1943. The vulnerability arising from interdependence
on Oil between the two seems to make both entities insensitive to socio-political sensitivities generated by a clash between their respective ideas, values and principles. The attendant hostility from Islamist ideologists and radicals, till date remains a compelling issue to global peace and security.
This article therefore studies Oil as the key geopolitical element among other intermingling factors, interests and goals in oil rich regions with particular reference to the Middle East. It is to reveal that protracted acts of terror and consequent global insecurity drive impetus from the “do or die” struggle for access and control of oil wells and its uninterrupted supply to the global market. 
Keywords: Oil; Civilization; Identity; Terrorism; Moral questions; Quandary; Interdependence.

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