Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The aim of Bulletin is to disseminate the results of the theoretical and practical research investigations undertaken by reputable professionals in the holistic field of military sciences, intelligence and defense resources management. The continuous changes at the level of higher military education in Romania, and especially those produced in the dissemination of information, have affected the means of communication and use at the level of human knowledge. The political, economic and social changes that have taken place over the years have also had a strong influence on how the military specialists, involved in the education process were to be informed. Thus, "Carol I" National Defense University Bulletin represents a forum for debate and analysis for academic and professional backgrounds and it is open to teachers, researchers, doctoral students and postdoctoral students, students, military and civilian personnel, to institutions belonging to the sphere of defense, public order and national security.The area covered by the research reports published in Bulletin are as follows: Military science (e.g. tactics, leadership, etc.)Information management (e.g. information security, e-learning, information technology, communications, etc.)Socio-humanities (e.g. organizational behavior, intercultural studies, linguistic and cultural studies, etc.)Economics and financial management (e.g. globalization and economic crises, marketing, etc.)Management theory and practice (e.g. organization theory and practice, human resource management, decision-making theory, logistics, etc.) The Bulletin of “Carol” National Defense University is a scientific publication highly acknowledge in the field of “Military Sciences, Information and Public Order” of National Council of Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates(CNATCU).The Bulletin is indexed in the Central and Eastern European Online LibraryDatabase: http://www.ceeol.comThe Bulletin of the "Carol I" National Defense University is indexed in the EBSCO international database: Database: http://www.ebscohost .


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Editorial board members of “Carol I” National Defense University (established by National Defense University Scientific Board) follow two stages in the process of reviewing articles to be published:

Stage no. 1:
Editorial board members check the article for compliance with the requirements specified in Guidelines for authors.
Stage no. 2:
Editorial board members transfer the article to the scientific reviewer who assesses the scientific value of the paper. The author’s identity remains unknown for the scientific advisors. The authors of the articles do not know the identity of the specialists and vice versa, so the peer-review process is performed completely in the blind. The reviewers complete the evaluation sheet for each summited article.
Based on the scientific reviewers’ recommendations, the editorial board members may take the following decisions:

• The article will be published;
• The article will be published after minor revisions;
• The article will be published after major revisions;
• The article will not be published.

In every case the author(s) will be informed about the decision.


Publication Frequency

The Bulletin of "Carol I" of national Defense University is published once per year in June.

From 2019 The Bulletin will be publish quarterly


Open Access Policy

All articles within The Bulletin of the "Carol I" National Defense University are available online to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited. Open access aims to maximize the visibility of research and differs from free online access as it provides reuse rights provided full attribution is given (under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA license).

Open Journal Systems supports the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) system to ensure secure and permanent preservation of the journal.


Publishing Ethics

“Carol I “National Defense University’s Bulletin supports the highest ethics standards of publications and takes all necessary actions to mention this level.

The author must submit an original work. Contributions must not be copied or plagiarized either on the whole or in part from elsewhere.

Authors must disclose conflicts of interest and partial benefits of their work.

The author will sign a declaration of honesty by asserting the integrity of the articles, submitted for publication.

The editorial board of “Carol I” National Defense University undertakes to examine objectively and fairly the work submitted and to resolve any conflict of interests arise between publisher and reviewers.

Situation will be individually assessed by Editorial Board, which is committed to provide fast solutions to potential divergences.